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John Wesley's notes on the Gospel: Luke 24:44-49

44. And he said - On the day of his ascension. In the law, and the prophets, and the psalms - The prophecies as well as types, relating to the Messiah, are contained either in the books of Moses (usually called the law) in the Psalms, or in the writings of the prophets; little being said directly concerning him in the historical books.

45. Then opened he their understanding, to understand the Scriptures - He had explained them before to the two as they went to Emmaus. But still they Understood them not, till he took off the veil from their hearts, by the illumination of his Spirit.

47. Beginning at Jerusalem - This was appointed most graciously and wisely: graciously, as it
encouraged the, greatest sinners to repent, when they saw that even the murderers of Christ were
not excepted from mercy: and wisely, as hereby Christianity was more abundantly attested; the
facts being published first on the very spot where they happened.

49. Behold I send the promise - Emphatically so called; the Holy Ghost.