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John Wesley's notes on the Epistle: 2 Timothy 4:5-13


5. Watch - An earnest, constant, persevering exercise. The scripture watching, or waiting,
implies steadfast faith, patient hope, labouring love, unceasing prayer; yea, the mighty exertion of
all the affections of the soul that a man is capable of. In all things - Whatever you are doing, yet in
that, and in all things, watch. Do the work of an evangelist - Which was next to that of an apostle.

6. The time of my departure is at hand - So undoubtedly God had shown him. I am ready to be
offered up - Literally, to be poured out, as the wine and oil were on the ancient sacrifices.

8. The crown of that righteousness - Which God has imputed to me and wrought in me. Will
render to all - This increases the joy of Paul, and encourages Timotheus. Many of these St. Paul
himself had gained. That have loved his appearing - Which only a real Christian can do. I say a
real Christian, to comply with the mode of the times: else they would not understand, although the
word Christian necessarily implies whatsoever is holy, as God is holy. Strictly speaking, to join
real or sincere to a word of so complete an import, is grievously to debase its noble signification,
and is like adding long to eternity or wide to immensity.

9. Come to me - Both that he might comfort him, and be strengthened by him. Timotheus himself
is said to have suffered at Ephesus.

10. Demas - Once my fellow labourer, Phil. i, 24. Hath forsaken me. Crescens, probably a
preacher also, is gone, with my consent, to Galatia, Titus to Dalmatia, having now left Crete. These either went with him to Rome, or visited him there.

11. Only Luke - Of my fellow labourers, is with me - But God is with me; and it is enough. Take
Mark - Who, though he once "departed from the work," is now again profitable to me.

13. The cloak - Either the toga, which belonged to him as a Roman citizen, or an upper garment,
which might be needful as winter came on. Which I left at Troas with Carpus - Who was probably his host there. Especially the parchments - The books written on parchment.