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The Logic of Lent

Robert D. Crouse








"Behold we go up to Jerusalem."

The call to pilgrimage


Parable of the vineyard.  Call to labour.

The free gift of grace.

"They that run in a race"  The discipline of athletes.  An incorruptible crown.

justly punished; mercifully delivered


Parable of the sower.

Cherish the seed; bring forth fruit.

In labours more abundant.

"If I must needs glory..."

by thy power defended against all adversity


"Behold we go up to Jerusalem."  Healing of the blind man.

Hymn to Charity - the character of our journey.

that most excellent gift of charity


The hazards of the journey

Conflicts with devils.

Lent 1

Jesus tempted in the wilderness.

Workers together with him in much patience.

grace to use such abstinence


Lent 2

Healing of Canaanite woman's daughter vexed with a devil.

Diabolical temptations in our lives.

Your sanctification.

no power of ourselves to help ourselves

Lent 3

Jesus casts out devil - the house swept and garnished.

Diabolical temptations in our lives.

Walk in love - as children of light.

our defence against all our enemies

Journey's End

Jerusalem above.

Divine mediation

Lent 4

Jesus feeds the multitude - the bread of heaven.

Jerusalem our mother.

Stand fast in liberty.

comfort of thy grace

Passion Sunday

Before Abraham was, I am.  (1962 - Mother of Zebedee's children)

Christ, high priest, mediator of a new covenant.

governed and preserved evermore

Palm Sunday

Passion according to St. Matthew

"Let this mind be in you..."

example of great humility